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Macky & Pam Stansell House of Coastal Hospice at the Ocean

Everyone deserves a safe place to call home at the end of their life.

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Coastal Hospice built the first-ever hospice home for the Lower Shore. The Macky & Pam Stansell House opened to patients in June of 2019.


Admission Criteria for Macky & Pam Stansell House

The Macky and Pam Stansell House of Coastal Hospice is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and compassionate place for hospice patients who cannot safely manage their care at home.

Admissions Procedure

Current Coastal Hospice homecare patients will receive priority for admission, but a patient need not be in our care at the time of need to be eligible. All patients will be evaluated for admission according to the following eligibility criteria:

· They are eligible for and elect the hospice benefit

· They are in the final stages of a life threatening, progressive or terminal illness with a limited, poor prognosis, but their medical needs a relatively low in complexity

· Their (or their legal caregiver’s) primary goal is to offer comfort at the end of life

· They demonstrate progressive functional decline and declining palliative performance scale

· They are unable to manage and remain at home for reasons such as:

· They live alone without adequate care-giving support

· Their care needs exceed the ability of the patient’s caregivers

· The patient (and/or family) do not want death to occur at home

Emergency Admissions

Stansell House cannot take emergency admissions or manage respite needs. In case of urgent situations, Coastal Hospice at the Lake and our partnering facilities offer respite services. Coastal Hospice at the Lake is available for emergency symptom management needs.

Financial Considerations

Financial arrangements are discussed and determined prior to admission. Our finance staff is available to speak with you during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

While most patients will be covered by Medicare, Medicaid or insurance for hospice care, room and board at Stansell House is “private pay.” Some financial assistance may be available.


Stansell House is not able to admit patients:

· With active TB

· With dementia, wandering and/or history of elopement.

· Who pose (or whose family poses) an active risk of violence or harm to self/others

· Whose symptoms require round the clock skilled nursing care

· Whose weight is in excess of 350 pounds and/or are over 6’7”

Stansell House pledges to review each admission application on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to deny admission if the above criteria are not met or if there are safety concerns. If a resident’s status at Stansell House changes and prognosis is extended for an indeterminate length of time, staff will assist the patient/family in finding an alternate living arrangement, either at home or a nursing facility.

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