Coastal Hospice

The Taste of Finer Things Event

An advertisement for a wine glass that says Taste of Finer Things

The Taste of Finer Things event was held on April 5 at Harrison’s Harbor Watch in Ocean City. The fundraiser raised more than $24,000 towards the capital campaign to build Coastal Hospice at the Ocean.

Left to right: Donna Leiner, Macky Stansell, Marsha Howarth, Pam Buckley, Karen Cramer, Madalaine How, Stephanie Meehan. Not shown: Cathy Donovan, Elaine Jacobs, Gayle Widdowson.

Cole Taustin & Briana Mattern & Cynthia Wilde & Butch Barrett and Linda Barrett

Madalaine How & Buddy Dykes & Cindy Stephenson & Alane Capen

Macky Stansell & John Fager & Pam Stansell & Jay Taustin