Coastal Hospice

Compass Client Celebrated by Town of Hurlock on 100th Birthday

A day after her 100th birthday, Dorchester County resident and Compass Patient Mary Etta Jenkins was presented with a key to the town of Hurlock and proclaimed Mother of the Community and her Church.

Mary’s daughter Rhoda Palmer, who also serves as her caregiver, threw her a birthday party on April 27. The celebratory affair at the old library in Hurlock was attended by over fifty family members and friends, all dressed in black and white to honor Mary. Hurlock Mayor Michael Henry stopped by to pay special tribute to Mary with the presentation of the plaque and key.

Mary Etta Jenkins was born on April 26, 1919 in East New Market, Maryland to Albert and Hattie Slacum. A lifelong resident of Dorchester County, Mary raised five children and has lived to see four generations follow her.

Mary first came to Coastal Hospice for hospice care when she was 98, but after six months she was released with an extended prognosis and transferred to the Compass program. Compass, which is a free, non-medical support program, provides Mary and her daughter Rhoda with resources and in-home visits to help make life a little easier.

Rhoda, who retired early to take care of her mother, has been providing care for Mary for five years. “I let her do what she can, and I do the rest,” she said. With the help and support of Compass Associate Katherine Crowell, Rhoda has been able to care for Mary in her home and allow her to enjoy her 100th year of life!