Coastal Hospice

Coastal Hospice Volunteers Visit Patients to Bring Holiday Cheer

Coastal Hospice volunteers Glenn Mohr, Carolyn Jones, Dave Duitscher, and Gary Hutson, dressed in their Santa finery, visited hospice patients this week, delivering fruit baskets, blankets, and stuffed bears to patients in hospice care and their families on the Lower Shore.

Coastal Hospice volunteers visited 167 hospice patients and their families this week across the Lower Shore, delivering fruit baskets, warm blankets, and stuffed bears. Volunteers dressed as Santa, Mrs. Santa, and elves make the visits every year to bring holiday cheer to those being cared for by Coastal Hospice.

Coastal Hospice volunteer Ellen Lowe visited hospice patient Elizabeth Smith of Hebron this week, bringing her a fruit basket, a warm blanket, and a stuffed bear. Lowe’s visit was part of Coastal Hospice’s annual holiday outreach to the Lower Shore, where volunteers dress as Santa and elves to visit as many patients as possible in hospice care.