Coastal Hospice

Charity Care


Policy No: 1-008.1


To define the Coastal Hospice philosophy on providing charity care.


Coastal Hospice provides care and services to patients regardless of their financial circumstances. To meet this goal, and establish the level of need for charity care, Coastal Hospice will apply a financial assessment (application for reductions/waiver) and sliding scale fee structure. The sliding scale may be used to determine what portion of the fee is waived for patients who 1) have no insurance for hospice services, 2) have a co-pay on their insurance for hospice services, or 3) for residential care room and board fees. A patient’s responsibility may be 100% waived and services not be billed, or they may be billed for service or a portion of service depending on their income and placement on the sliding scale.

Within two business days following a patient’s request for charity care services, application for medical assistance, or both, Coastal Hospice shall make a determination of probable eligibility and notify the patient. On a case by case basis, time payments may be arranged with the Coastal Hospice finance department for low-income patients who do not qualify for full charity care but are unable to bear their financial responsibility.

See also Policy # 1-007.1 FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for assessment and notification procedure.

Revised: 6/24/14, 12/15/17