Inpatient Care


When medical problems are too serious to be managed at home, short stays at Coastal Hospice at the Lake can help. The inpatient facility may be the answer when the patient needs:


  • Pain and Symptom Management

    This is short-term inpatient care to frequently assess and treat severe symptoms and pain, such as pain, breathing difficulty or anxiety that cannot be managed at home.
  • Transitional Care

    When a patient is leaving the hospital a short-term stay can be beneficial for families needing education and patients who need medication adjustment. Our staff will modify the medication plan and teach family members what they need to know to care for their loved one at home.
  • Home Support Crisis Relief

    When an unexpected crisis occurs within the family caregiver system, a short-term emergency stay provides the patient safety and symptom relief until alternative plans are made.
  • Respite care

    This allows the patient and family a break for up to five days. This gives caregivers the chance to get the rest they need to better care for their loved one or if the caregiver needs to be away for a few days.


When patients come to Coastal Hospice at the Lake, family members are relieved of the stress of providing hourly care and can instead focus on their relationships and making the most of their time together.

Coastal Hospice at the Lake is located at Deer's Head Hospital, 351 Deer's Head Hospital Road in Salisbury.

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